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Four Year Old Program

Our four-year-old program focuses on developing such essential life skills as getting along with others, communicating one’s wants and needs, listening to others, making wise decisions, feeling positive about one’s self, negotiation, and higher level thinking skills. We will also focus on preparing the child for kindergarten by incorporating activities such as letter recognition with our alphabet book, number activities and problem solving through both science and real life situations.


Children will have the opportunity to participate in free choice activities, small group encounters and whole group teacher-directed experiences. Small group encounters are designed to enhance social skills and provide individual attention. Whole group experiences are intended to develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions as well as allow the practice of being part of a large group.

Our daily schedule begins in our “music room” where the children participate in circle time. This portion of the day provides an opportunity for the children to experience a sense of belonging to a group. During this time, children are introduced to number concepts, through use of the monthly calendar and science by discussing the weather and change of seasons. The literacy component is tied to the unit of study and the teacher will also introduce new materials at this time.Once in the classroom, the children are able to rotate through different learning centers that have been set up. The classroom is designed for exploration through blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, art, library, sensory and discovery. Academics are provided via hands-on learning experiences using materials that are appropriate for four year olds.


The teachers take advantage of our school being located in the heart of Downtown Northville. Walking field trips include visits to the Northville Fire Station, Marquis Theater, Castle Park (Ford Field) and Bee’s Knees.


We believe that spiritual growth is an integral and inseparable part of a child’s well being. If nurtured properly, this spiritual growth occurs naturally in connection with other aspects of a child’s development. Our objective is to provide this spiritual nurturing by way of our day-to-day actions, speech, and classroom community.

Four Year Olds – Daily Schedule:

  • Arrival

  • Large Group/Teacher Directed Activity

  • Learning Centers in Classroom - see below

  • Bathroom and Wash Hands

  • Snack

  • Music Room

​Learning Centers Available During Class Time:

  • Literacy - vocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension and books.

  • Creative - we provide a wide range of self-expressive materials including art, drama, music, puppets, and movement.

  • Science - the physical properties of objects such as sand and water, living things and other hands-on exploratory materials.

  • Math - numbers, patterns, spatial awareness,  measurement and data collection (i.e. question of the day and graphs).

  • Blocks - balance, gravity, size, planning, sharing, design, and clean up skills.


Four Year Olds Meet:  

       Mon/Wed/Fri, 9am - 1:45pm


               Mon/Wed/Fri 9:15am - 2:00pm 


Mon/Wed/Fri, 9:15am - 12:15pm


Child must be four by December 2024 (no exceptions) and MUST BE POTTY TRAINED



  • Four’s ½ day

    • 3 days per week, 3 hours per day- $284.00 per month ($2,556.00 per year).


  • Four’s Extended Day

    • 3 days per week, 4.75 hours per day- $415.00 per month ($3,735.00 per year).

      • Parents provide lunch for child to eat at school.

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